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Lawsuit against president judge claims misconduct

October 11, 2017 News Extra

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Thomas Doerr

A federal lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges sexual misconduct by the county's president judge, as well as workplace discrimination against a Butler County probation officer.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Edward Olds on behalf of an unnamed woman, referred to as Jane Doe in the documents.

Named as defendants in the lawsuit are President Judge Thomas Doerr; Thomas Holman, court administrator; and Douglas Ritson, chief probation officer; as well as the Butler County Court and the 50th Judicial District.

The lawsuit states that the woman met Doerr at a Christmas party in 2004, and after that event, Doerr called Doe a number of times, insisting they meet. She eventually went to Doerr's chambers on a Friday evening in February 2005. The two were alone in the courthouse that evening and engaged in sexual intercourse, the lawsuit states.

That evening Doerr stated that it would be a “business” relationship, according to the lawsuit, and that the prospect that Doe would be hired to serve as a probation officer was implicit and was discussed that evening.

The lawsuit claims Doe is the victim of workplace discrimination, including involuntary reassignments and harassment.

As of press time, Doerr, Holman and Ritson did not return calls for comment.

A full report will appear in the Butler Eagle.

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