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Marriage Licenses

January 13, 2018 Marriage Licenses

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The following marriage licenses were issued in Butler County courts:

Thomas De Hoog and Maurielle Blake, both of Wake Forest, N.C.

Ralph Purdy and Karen Path Curtin, both of Butler Township

Dana Brier and Helen Testa, both of Jackson Township

Renee Defoggi of Butler Township and Faith Brittner of Penn Township

Jacob Stokes and Rebekah Bostrom, both of Slippery Rock Township

Mikeal Finklea and Mindy Stoops, both of Clay Township

Louis Hudson and Maria Lotti McConnell, both of Hampton Township, Allegheny County

Travis Rattigan and Marguerite Lukovich, both of Butler Township

Adam Munko and Nicole Nea, both of Center Township

Randy McCandless and Wanda Gross Vasbinder, both of Center Township

Jackie Lawrence and Ma Rina Perez Hasegawa, both of Mars

James Franek and Jayne Craig Duke, both of Butler Township

Razi Uddin and Lois Bowser Smith, both of Butler

Derek Folk and Brianna Harvey, both of Butler Township

Edwin Craig Jr. and Diane Fornelli, both of Parker Township

Justin Lazaroff and Kelly Bergbigler, both of Saxonburg

John Worst and Bethany Streets Williams, both of Butler

Scott Wilkinson and Diane Reiner, both of Jackson Township

Jason Jovenall and Brittany Larocque, both of Cranberry Township

Brady Bandura of Connoquenessing Township and Natalie Ealy of Donegal Township

James Honiball and Amanda Kyne, both of Franklin Township

Marvin Alvares and Amber Klein, both of Butler

Clay Adamik and Adrienne Guiney, both of Fawn Township, Allegheny County

Brian Roush of Chicora and Amberlyn Steighner of Butler

Michael Ziemba and Jennifer Cunningham, both of Shaler Township, Allegheny County

Ronald Ehrman II and Amanda Rose, both of Butler

Kevin Clouser of Cranberry Township and Melanie Dvorchak of Swissvale

Daniel Linden and Natalie Kolish, both of Winfield Township

Michael Pegher and Ashley Blair, both of Cranberry Township

Corey Child and Christina Dreher Irwin, both of Butler Township

Richard Burgess of Buffalo Township and Dawn Herold Moore of Butler

Matthew Johntony and Nila Griffin, both of Butler

Eric Dykstra and Kiersten Moyes, both of Pine Township, Allegheny County

Charles Roenigk and Belinda Beck Dickey, both of Fawn Township, Allegheny County

Gary Rettig and Deborah Kriever Morrow, both of Jefferson Township

Matthew Gerginski and Erin Conners, both of Zelienople

Garrett Barnes and Angela Neff Mankey, both of Butler

William Smith and Jennifer Barry, both of Summit Township

Andrew Resutko and Danielle Ledonne, both of Penn Township

Johnathan Fichter and Jessica Cozin, both of Butler

Alexander Andreassi and Amanda Prorok, both of Butler Township

Ryan Burlett and Gretel Foster, both of Freedom

Jason Kemper and Tina Wolf McKee, both of Saxonburg

Christopher Strausser and Amanda Coester, both of Center Township

Mitchell Klein and Nina Ledonne, both of Zelienople

Cole Bocheff of Cranberry Township and Emily Lyon of Marshall Township, Allegheny County

Todd Macdonald of Harrison Township, Allegheny County, and Alyshia Eckert of Buffalo Township

Chelsea Nugent and Michael Stairs, both of Cranberry Township

Richard Leonard of Butler and Savanna Knox of Penn Township

Frank Morrone and Kathryn Gilliland Brannon, both of East Deer Township, Allegheny County

Jaison Heil and Janelle Marshall Myers, both of Butler

David Cummings and Paige Nicklas, both of Midland, Texas

Shawn Hogan of East Brady and Angela Bomia of Washington Township

Slade Miller and Kimberly Caruso, both of Hampton Township, Allegheny County

Matthew Henderson and Carlye Cybach, both of Marshall Township, Allegheny County

Gregory Nabry and Amy Baczkowski Burch, both of Cranberry Township

Michael Lucatorto of Cranberry Township and Adelia Hostetler Muti of Moon Township, Allegheny County

Theodore Manna and Carrie Timms Allen, both of Jackson Township

Steven Charlton Sr. and Hope Ross Foote, both of Butler

Jonathan Betz and Ginette Montalvo, both of Cranberry Township

Ryan Schaub and Samantha Travis, both of Cranberry Township

Thomas Dyer of Victory Township, Venango County, and Ann Sproull Bratschie of Harrisville

Devin Michel of Jefferson Township and Kristen Lares of Clinton Township

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